About Us

From front to back, Adair's Saloon is covered with memories of the great times had by its patrons.

Sure, some people call it graffiti, but here at Adair’s, we call it art, and it covers just about every surface inside the joint. On Adair’s well-worn tables, you’ll find what has been called the best burger in Texas, Adair’s legendary grilled ham-and-cheese, and, of course, markers, so you can leave your mark on this storied honky-tonk. Check out the photo collection of the famous and not-so-famous folk who’ve walked through Adair’s doors — like the blown-up photo of some guy named Elvis Presley taken back in 1955.

Have a hankerin’ for live music? Check out Adair’s stage, from which the likes of the Dixie Chicks, Jack Ingram, and others have made their way to the big time. The best upcoming bands tool their craft on Adair’s stage seven nights a week. And when the band’s not playing, regulars demand that “someone play the damn jukebox!” until the sounds of legends like Bob Wills or Hank Williams or Dallas’ upcoming artists fill the room.

Excellent Texas music not enough to entertain you and your besties? Move over to the Golden Tee, Big Buck Hunter or shuffleboard and show off your skills. Come to the bar, where we’ll happily pour you a stiff one.

It's not just another hole-in-the-wall honky tonk, it's Adair's Saloon, the best hole-in-the-wall, burger, beer and live music joint around! One step inside Adair’s doors, and you’ll feel as at home as you do at grandma’s kitchen table.